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Who we are

The Cypriot company belongs to Stavros Parpis who has put in practice the slogan "Learn to eat healthily", which after all it is the companies personal motto. Stavros Parpis Foodtuffss Ltd established in 1992.Our main activity is the primary processing of carob using latest technology type machines.

Our company is the largest of its kind in Cyprus which deals with the processing of carob, possessing a respectable position in the Cyprus market. As a result of the high growth of export rate of our products in different countries such as Greece, Germany, Australia, Egypt, America and others, we take part in major food and beverage exhibitions all over the world.

In our company we produce: carob syrup, grape syrup, carob powder, carobolata, carob snak, carob candies, carob drages, carob cream, grape cream, carob liqueur, grape liqueur, praline with carob and pomegranate syrup.



Carobs are an extremely rich food. They are richer in calcium than milk since they contain 350 mg of calcium per 100gr of carob in comparison with milk which contains between 120-130mg of calcium per 100gr of milk. They also contain up to 4% protein, up to 63% phosphorus 180mg per 100gr. Carobs are also rich in vitamins A, B and C and they also contain good quantities of iron and many other minerals. Compared to chocolate, carob is three times richer in calcium, has one third less calories and seventeen times less fat. Carob is a chocolate lover's delight as it is not only delicious, but low in fat and calories and caffeine-free.


While in our days, while sugar dominates in ready made food, a few years ago one of the main natural sweeteners in the world was carob. During the Spanish Civil War carobs were given as food to children while during the Second War and during the German the countryside were sustained in life thanks to his wonderful gift of nature.


Carobs are a product of the Mediterranean countries and carob trees flourish particularly in Cyprus which is known world-wide for the production of best quality carobs and carob products. Cyprus limestone soils favor the growth of carob products trees and provide for their particularly attractive taste. Cyprus carobs are particularly rich in natural sugar content more than 50% which explains their high demand in the international market.


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